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Collection and analysis of plant material

The collection of autochthonous plum genotypes (‘Belošljiva’, ‘Crvena Ranka’, ‘Crnošljiva’, ‘Cerovački Piskavac’, ‘Dragačevka’, ‘Moravka’, ‘Požegača’, ‘Sitnica’ and ‘Trnovača’) and their analysis on the presence of viruses and phytoplasmas.

Elaboration of protocols for micropropagation

Testing of factors that influence all micropropagation stages [definition of culture medium composition, type and concentration of plant growth regulators (PGRs), etc.] for each stated genotype with the aim to produce sufficient amount of vital and shoots able to root.

Elaboration of protocols for in vitro cryopreservation

Optimization of the protocol for V cryo-plate technique.
Optimization of the protocol for D cryo-plate technique.
Monitoring of multiplication and rooting ability of cryopreserved explants.
Acclimatization and adaptation of in vitro cryopreserved plants.

Evaluation of the phytosanitary status of in vitro multiplied and cryopreserved shoots and ex vitro acclimatized plants

Analysis of the PPV presence in the plant material after the establishment of aseptic culture, in the multiplication stage, after acclimatization of in vitro plants, in the multiplication stage of in vitro cryopreserved plants, and after acclimatization of in vitro cryopreserved plants.